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Participants working in small teams collaborate to learn and perform magic tricks. They experience the parallels between creating a magic performance and performing on the business stage.  Participants experience the direct link between attitude, working together and achieving results.


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the magic of collaboration




The Fun Factor.  This an exciting and engaging program with an effective balance of fun, laughter and learning.

  1.   A 90 -120 minute indoor activity.

  2.   Everyone can participate. Non-physically challenging.

  3.   Complete turn-key program.

  4.   Easy to implement with simple AV  

  5. You can run this program in any function room.

  6. We supply all necessary magic props and learning materials.

the secrets


While participants are having fun learning magic tricks they are also experiencing the Secrets of Collaboration.

These are the guidelines high performance teams follow to effectively work together and produce exceptional results.  The Secrets of Collaboration Checklist serves as the core-learning framework for the Magic of Collaboration team building workshop.


The Secrets of Collaboration Checklist:

  1. Personal commitment to group success

  2. Unrestricted creativity & innovation

  3. Freedom to openly & safely express ideas

  4. Seek to understand and be better understood

  5. Execute and produce results

  6. Work to deadline

The Concept:

Participants working in small teams collaborate to learn magic tricks and perform a Magic Show.  Magic is an interactive, non-threatening and non-physically challenging medium. The skill set necessary to effectively perform a magic trick closely resembles those required to successfully perform in the business world.


The Approach:

Participants experience the direct link between attitude, working together and achieving results.


Using Anthony Lindan’s Secrets of Collaboration Checklist participants work together to:

  1. Learn and process new information

  2. Execute unfamiliar tasks

  3. Perform under real world conditions with tight timelines

  4. Achieve a predetermined and measurable outcome



A working knowledge of the Secrets of Collaboration Checklist to improve:

  1. The group dynamic (respect for individuals and the group)

  2. Personal accountability (understanding and owning your personal strengths)

  3. Collaborative mindset (positive attitude and enthusiasm)


Besides contributing their own unique talents, participants are encouraged to exercise the following skills:

  1. Creative Thinking

  2. Problem Solving

  3. Communication

  4. Presentation

  5. Emotional Intelligence

  6. Time Management

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